Atelier nature

The flora

Here is the menu for the nature workshops around the flora :}

" A soup with wild herbs " (except winter)
A short walk around the centre will allow us to pick the plants that the elders used to use.
We will then see what are the right gestures to pick, prepare and then enjoy a good homemade, natural soup !

" The budding alchemists " (except winter)
Show them in all their colours with elderberry, make the ink of the Middle Ages to create small original works that children will take away,...
After a collection-identification of different plants around the centre, several workshops will be proposed to the children so that they can create small surprising pictures with the plants... (but not only...!)
Attention : bring clothes that don’t fear anything, like an old sweatshirt...

" Green music " (except winter)
During a "bush walk", make musical instruments from what nature can provide us with.