Atelier nature

The fauna

Here is the menu for the "wildlife" nature workshops :
Make a bug hotel
In nature, insects are very useful. In the garden as well as in the vegetable garden, they help to pollinate and protect plant species. Learn how to make insect shelters ; a simple gesture that helps to preserve biodiversity.

" Nature’s experts "
In the classroom, as in the series of the same name, the children will discover the tracks and clues to "unmask" the animals that hide in nature, with the help of adapted educational tools : nests, tracks, moults, skulls, meal remains...

" What is an ecosystem ? "
Together, the children will build a model of a habitat and its inhabitants (plants and animals) using clay from the torrent, in order to understand the importance of the links that unite the diversity of life in its environment. Notion of food chain, ecology...

" Microcosmos " (except winter)
Collecting simple things known to nature (feathers, leaves, flowers, insects...) but rediscovering these elements thanks to the binocular magnifying glass (high magnification : guaranteed sensations). The children will then be able to imagine and make a new biodiversity (imaginary or real) from what they have found. Another world within everyone’s reach.

" Prints and casts "
Recognition of the different footprints from the legs of mountain animals, then personalised moulding of the prints with plaster. Scenographic restitution of a food chain according to the chosen paws. A workshop where you get your hands dirty !!!

" Mountain fauna "
Recognising the different animals in our mountains using figurines : Knowing their names (differentiating between animals, but also the names of males, females and their young), sorting or classifying species according to different criteria (legs, coat, family, diet, etc.) through games and manipulation, staggering the animals (where do they live ? why ?...) by placing them on a mountain model, etc.