Séance Pédagogique

The fauna

Here is the fauna menu :

" Horns and woods "
A different approach to animals : many elements will allow us to reflect on the differences between horns and antlers as well as their functions. Lifting the veil on prejudices about domestic animals and their ancestors. Guaranteed handling and surprises !

" Fauna : what is this animal ? "
It starts with riddles, it continues with role-playing games or games that explore ecological concepts : pyramid of life, food chain. Or how to learn a lot about nature while having fun.

" Feathers "
The different bird feathers found in nature and how to recognise the bird to which they belong. A bit of easy ornithology to have fun back home.

" Skulls "
Thanks to our fabulous collection of bird and mammal skulls, learn how to differentiate between carnivores and herbivores. How to recognize a prey from a predator ? Discover the fantastic adaptation tools of each species to survive in its environment.

" Are you sure you think so ? "
Abandoning preconceived ideas about nature by learning to think for yourself and discovering the often unusual reality of plants and animals that are victims of these prejudices. Through small experiments, the children will answer questions such as : "Do bats cling to hair ? What is fox disease ? If you cut an earthworm in half, you have two worms ? who bites ? who stings ? who bites ? are there dangerous animals in our home ? ... "To develop your critical thinking skills in the form of a game.

"Bats are our friends"
We will discover the incredible world of these flying night owls (lifestyle, ultrasound, identification...) who are often unloved because they are unknown. Perfect before a night stroll.

" The wolf "
To know everything or almost everything about the largest of the canids and its relations with mankind. Enter into the reality of the wolf, this animal so close to Man, sometimes a little too close !
Educational tools : videos, slideshow, skulls, prints...