Balade thématique

The fauna

Here is the menu for our thematic walks around the theme of fauna :

" The Écrins National Park "
We will see the differences between National, Regional or Nature Reserve, the regulations in force and why ?
The animals : Let’s go and meet the animals of the peaks : marmots, chamois, ibexes, eagles... which are protected in the Écrins National Park. Let’s discover their fabulous adaptations to this difficult environment. They will be easily observed, in all discretion, thanks to our long views.
The flora : Let’s discover its diversity. Why is it protected ? Can we pick flowers or fruits ? We will rediscover their medicinal and culinary uses.

" Little beasts with a magnifying glass " (except winter)
An outing during which we will enter the fascinating world of insects and other small animals. The child will capture these fragile beings and observe them with a magnifying glass box. Thanks to identification guides, he will learn to recognize them, understand their way of life and their interactions in their environment...

"Traces and clues"
Let’s set off together in the footsteps of this discreet little people who live in and around the villages : squirrels, foxes, hares, roe deer, birds, wild boars, ... and let’s learn to recognise the signs of their presence, with the help of adapted educational tools.

" Les dents de la mare " (except winter)
Through the story of a large (well, small !) predator of this specific environment, discover the extraordinary life of these troubled and "fragrant" waters : frogs, toads, newts but also all the little animals that fly and swim around this wetland, so rich, so rare (material provided : landing nets, magnifying glass boxes, identification keys ...).

" Mountain Birds "
How to recognise the mountain birds that fly over. How to determine them by their shapes, their songs and their living environment... What do they eat ? And why do some migrate ?
Notions of ornithology : adaptation of birds to the different constraints linked to the mountains through emblematic examples (Grouse, Ptarmigan, nocturnal and diurnal birds of prey, alpine niverole, yellow-billed hawk...).

" The wolf "
Who really knows this mythical animal that has been unleashing passions for centuries ?
Who is it ? How does it live ? Is he among us ? Should we fear it ?
We will discuss the constraints linked to the presence of this great predator on wildlife and especially on mountain sheep farming.
A stroll between myth and reality, between biology and the life of mountain dwellers in the footsteps of an animal that fascinates us ?

" Storytelling walk "
A day outing, where stories and cultural and scientific anecdotes are mixed together... depending on the circumstances.

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