Balade thématique

The Landscape

Here is the menu on the landscape theme :}.

" Geology and history of the relief : stony !"
How were the mountains formed ? Learn about their history and recognise the different rocks that make them up. The use of rocks by man. Collecting pebbles : crystals, schists, fossils...

"Landscape Playback"
After reaching a nice viewpoint, the children will draw what they see in order to compare the different interpretations of the landscape. We will then discuss the notions of vegetation levels, slopes (adret, ubac), erosion and human footprints.

" Water and mountains " (except winter)
Discover the pleasure of hiking along the water. Meet the animal and plant life of the torrents and lakes. The water cycle, water and human activities, water that shapes the landscape.

" Storytelling walk "
A day outing, where stories and cultural and scientific anecdotes are mixed together... depending on the circumstances.