Atelier nature


Here is the menu for the nature workshops around the theme of snow :}

"In the heart of an avalanche "
In the warmth of the room, we will simulate avalanches in an aquarium, to better understand their mechanism and discover all their secrets (or almost !). Then the children will imagine ways to protect a mountain village from possible avalanches. Fun and instructive !

" Dangers and mountain rescue in winter "
After a first part indoors (with video support and mountain equipment) to understand how snow is formed and transformed, the different types of avalanches, the role of rescue trackers or discover the equipment of the mountaineer and ski tourer, we will go outside to make a cut of the snow cover and discover the use of the DVA (Avalanche Victim Detector), the probe and the shovel, the trio that can’t be ignored !
The essential animation to better understand the mountains in winter !

"Igloo and Snow Sculpture" (ideally scheduled in the afternoon)
After a short hike to find the ideal site, building an igloo with different methods depending on the quality of the snow. Snow shelters to fight against the dangers of cold, humidity, wind... During the breaks, children will discover with joy snow games, slides, snow sculptures.