With a passionate mountaineer, light and child-friendly snowshoes, discover the CHAMPSAUR, its nature and its people. Back to manual line.
The children, with snowshoes on their feet, will spontaneously know how to walk, run or jump in virgin snow, without any particular technique and in complete safety.

The contact and exchange between the children, the guide and the locals. Back to manual line
Concrete discovery of nature in winter through games, observation (magnifying glasses, binoculars, telescopes), use of educational materials. Easy circuits adapted to children.

The Champsaur MEA Office is made up of people who are different in their history and culture, their sensitivity or educational approach, ... for its greatest richness. Depending on the speaker, the content of the session may vary (in content and form). In the case of a session included in a cycle, we will try to supervise the outings with the same speaker.

In these few lines, we present some of our proposals. Don’t hesitate to come and discover the others by downloading our 2017 catalogue :


Contact and exchange between the children, the carer and the locals.
Concrete discovery of nature through games, observation (magnifying glasses, binoculars, telescope), use of educational documents. Easy circuits adapted to children.

The Bureau des Accompagnateurs En Montagne du Champsaur (AMC) is made up of people who are different in their history and culture, their sensitivity or educational approach,... for its greatest richness. Depending on the speaker, the content of the session may vary (in content and form). In the case of a session included in a cycle, we will try to supervise the outings with the same speaker.


Hiking shoes, rainwear, sunglasses, sunscreen, half a litre of water per child.

This is an overview of everything we offer, the exhaustive list being in our catalogues which we update regularly.
We offer several guided walks in the vicinity of your establishment. Depending on your request, the hike (which can be done during the day or half-day) can have a general commentary or a specific theme. They will be supervised by a Mountain Leader who will share his knowledge and passion for the mountains with you.

"Le Parc National des Écrins"
We will meet mountain animals : marmots, chamois, ibexes, eagles...
Protected in the Écrins National Park, these remarkable animals can be easily observed by everyone thanks to our telescopes. We will discuss the rules to be respected in a National Park, mountain flowers and environmental protection.

"The mountain forest" The mountain forest.
Comparison of an adret and ubac slope of a mountain valley. Identification of trees by observing the bark, buds, fruit, the environment... Characteristics of the environments crossed : vegetation, human activities, animal life.

"Life of mountain people" "Mountain people’s life"
A pleasant hike around the villages to meet the people of the valley, their habitat and their heritage. What was life like in the past ? Where did they build their houses and how ? The evolution of the agricultural landscape...

"Pastoralism" "Pastoralism".
An outing around the profession of sheep farmer and sheep farming. Composition of a flock, the role of the shepherd. The mountain pastures. Exploitation of the sheep industry. Possibility of visiting an exhibition on pastoralism at the "Maison du Berger".

An easy hike into the world of plants with a multitude of possible approaches : the different types of plants, how a plant works (from flower to fruit), perfume, colour, relationship with insects, initiation to determination, medicinal and culinary properties’.

How to recognise the mountain birds that fly over during a hike. How to determine them by their shapes, sizes, colours, living environment. What do they eat ? Do they migrate ? What is their song ?

" Orientation "
Introduction to map reading and route finding. Use of a compass and a map. Depending on the level of the children and the surroundings of the centre, possibility of a race in search of beacons.

"Water and mountains" "Water and mountains".
Discover the pleasure of hiking along the water. Meet the animal and plant life of the lakes and streams. The water cycle, water and human activities, introduction to geology.

"Sensory approach"}
Discovery of nature through sensory games (touch, smell, sight...) Possibility of creating a sensory notebook where the elements found will be taped.

"Land art " }
The children use the frame and materials from nature (wood, earth, stones, sand, rock, etc.).to make artistic works by giving free rein to their imagination. (Alone or in groups) These works, which are ephemeral, will remain in nature.

"Geology and History of Landscapes" }
How were the mountains formed ? Get to know their history and the different rocks that make them up. The use of rocks by man. The search for beautiful stones (crystals, slates, fossils...).

"The night owls"
In complete safety and on small routes, children will discover the magical and mysterious world of the night. Nocturnal animals, stargazing (depending on conditions), legends ...

Other activities

The versatility of our guides allows us to offer you outdoor or cultural activities complementary to the guided walks.

In-depth and cultural activities

Further study and cultural activities

- Pedagogical session (from 5:30 to 7:00 pm)

This is a 1.5 hour session to complement our interventions (using teaching aids) after a day or half-day hike. Orientation, mountain life, fauna or flora....

- Slideshows (in the evening)
To complete our outings, we propose a slide show on the life of the mountain in the 4 seasons. And one on the history and life of sled dogs. Duration : one hour and a half to 2 hours each. Ideal for a summary of the field trips. Fade out projection on a large screen. Live commentary.

- Tales and legends (in the evening )
A Vigil on the theme of the tales and legends of yesteryear. Some fantastic tales of our mountains.
Amber lighting and staging with the presence of some educational objects selected according to the stories.

Ride Mountain Bike Tour.
The mountain bike allows you to discover the mountain environment while having fun. After a handling session around the centre, we will leave for an easy hike which will take us from village to village on a circuit adapted to the level of the group.

Hiking with pack donkeys
An original way of approaching certain themes with donkey baggage handlers. An opportunity to discover the Champsaur and a friendly and affectionate animal that carries our belongings.

The Hook
A way to be in contact with the tree (8 people maximum per guide). The aim is to climb to the top while being safe. Come and try it, it’s guaranteed to be a thrill ! Not to be confused with the "Adventure Park" !