Nordic Walking

Let’s go to try

JPEGThis activity started in Finland many years back and a few years ago it has reached France and started getting really popular. You can practise this activity everywhere ; in a forest, in a city, in the countryside and even in the mountains.

For this activity, you need specially designed lightweight walking poles, comfortable clothes and shoes.

walking up and downhill

Using poles up and downhill really supports your knees and back and creates a fantastic exercise. The proper use of the poles allows you to breath easier and help you to develop and exercise your respiratory and cardiac systems. This better oxygenation helps the brain and increases its capacity.

If you want to try, come and join us !

During this activity, we do a warm up, a dynamic walking and stretching.

We offer different sessions for all ages and abilities. In only two hours, you can experience a fun activity between gymnastics and jogging - all in nature !

You can do Nordic walking all year around and it’s dynamic and great fun and supports your physical and mental health.

Be aware, it’s not a simple walk with poles but a real technical to discover on differents tracks. Everybody can enjoy this activity.
During two hours, you will practise a sport activity between gymnastic and jogging outside to improve your fitness.

You can do Nordic walking all the year, it’s dynamic and good for the brain.