Mountain Biking

Discover a fast and fun way to travel : Mountain biking

All the outings that we offer are aimed at discovering, learning and perfecting mountain biking (balance, motricity, braking, trajectory, crossing, effort management ...).

Procedure of the session : Adapted to the age and technical level of each group. (12 children max)
It will last 2h30 and will be based on pedagogical and technical practices in which the child will be active (observation, games, application of theoretical knowledge in the field...).

Introduction to the basics of mountain biking
(Initiation in or around the school)
Contact between the guide and the group.
Discovery of the surroundings and the basics of mountain biking (balance, braking, turns, propulsion, crossing).

Little hike (Cross country in the forest)
Introduction to hiking on a wide and easy path.
Management of the effort and speed of the mountain bike.
Orientation and map reading.