We welcome you to discover and spend a nice time in nature. We offer you different types of hiking tours to explore Champsaur Valley. All our mountain leaders are passionate about their job and they are all excited to guide you through this beautiful area.

You can discover a lot of things :

  • observing an ibex on a mountain ridge
  • seeing a golden eagle flying over the land of marmots
  • finding a rare flower along the path
  • Listening to some stories about mountain village life - The life of a shepherd and his herd and the challenges around having wolves around

Half-day tour

For people between 7 and 77 years old

  • It’s around 2 to 4 hours
  • Easy tour
  • We offer different themes : mountain goat, marmot, flowers…
  • You can discover different places such as Ecrins National Park, higher parts of Champsaur Valley and areas around ski resorts

Full day trips

  • Longer, 5 to 8 hours tours
  • We have lunch time together (everyone brings his own picnic)
  • We offer an option to reach a summit during our hikes
  • We offer different tours for different physical abilities (please contact the office for more information)

Multi-day tour

You wish to have a multiday adventure and carry your bag pack along the way, please come with us.

  • Multiday trips between 2 and 7 days
  • Some examples : Vieux Chaillol loop, crossing Champsaur Valley, Oisans loop
  • Night in mountain lodges and tasting some local dishes

Tours for children

We offer different tours depending on the age of the children
You can choose from the following themes : wildlife, flowers, birds, forest, land art, astronomy, water cycle, orienteering and much more.

You can have a look on our catalogues and why not suggest new themes that you would like to do with your group !