Hiking with a donkey


avec "La Belle Anerie"

The goal of this day is to improve the relationship between kids and donkeys

The plan

Hiking during a full day (with the pack lunch). We will do small group of kids to prepare donkeys. The mountain leader will do a presentation about donkeys. During the hike, every kid will lead the donkey.


Each hike offer to discover this animal but also to observe : fauna, flora, landscape. We can focus about the Ecrins National Park, nature protection, pastoralism ...


We use donkeys from "Gris de Provence" . They are used to carry stuff and good walkers.
This animal is peace and soft and can develop a good relationship with kids. It is very flexible.

We can offer a ride range of track in Champsaur Valley. You can choose where you want to leave.

Contact us to receive the pedagogy project.

Price : Full day with a mountain leader : 202 € + 56€ per donkey
It’s necessary 2 donkeys per class (111€ for 2 donkeys)

Public : Kids (primary school). We can offer differents places, thems and time.

For who ? local class, green class spring and automn and others projects

Full day or with a night in a lodge

All ou mountains leader are approved by the "Inspection Académique des Hautes-Alpes et de Jeunesse et Sports". We we work with La Belle Anerie.